Physiotherapist in Kharar

Since physiotherapy is a treatment that mainly focuses on particular injuries and illnesses, dealing with each one differently, the first step in the healing process is to thoroughly assess each patient. A physiotherapist in Kharar discussing what is wrong, looking at medical records, assessing the person’s condition and capabilities also, and doing whatever is necessary […]

Stroke and Paralysis Physiotherapist at Home Service

A stroke is a “Brain Attack”. After a stroke, the patient might have weakness or paralysis on one side of the body or problems while moving or doing everyday activities in a day. Brar’s Physio care can help by providing Stroke and paralysis physiotherapist at home service and restore movement and sensation in the affected […]

Spine Pain and Knee Pain Doctor in Mohali

The hassle-free solution of physiotherapy isn’t just for athletes or even for those recovering from an injury only. It is for people of all ages who have experienced any kind of sprain, injury or muscular disorder; whether it’s a one year old or an 18 year old college student, an adult working in a corporate […]

Physiotherapist in Chandigarh

Physiotherapist in Chandigarh is an established and well-respected part of the medical profession that restores and maintains movement and functionality in patients as well. It does this through a variety of techniques that include massage, exercise, advice, and the provision of aids to help with mobility and functionality also. Brar’s Physio care are well qualified, […]