Physiotherapy in Mohali

Physiotherapy is often seen as a rehabilitation treatment and it is extremely effective in helping people recover from sometimes serious injuries and illnesses also. Physiotherapy in Mohali also usually the preferred treatment for relief of pain, particularly in the back, neck and joints, as well as the management of conditions such as strokes, arthritis, diabetes, respiratory problems and injuries to the brain and spinal cord as well.Additionally, pain relief, one of the main aims of Physiotherapy in Mohali is to restore physical function after injury, illness or surgery. This enables people to live independently with full mobility when this would otherwise not be possible.

Physiotherapy –  Long-Term Exercise

The treatment is combined with an educational element that teaches patients how to live better and avoid future injuries and other problems also. Physiotherapy is a long-term exercise that not only treats and remedies present conditions but also ensures a better quality of life in the future. If you’re suffering from pain, have mobility or other problems, or want to improve the quality of your life, contact Brar’s Physio care for help. Brar’s Physio care aim is to get our patients back to full health and activity as quickly as possible and we work strenuously to achieve that aim.

Educate the Patient

According to Physiotherapist , Co-operation is particularly important because the aim of physiotherapy is not simply to cure a current ailment only and restore a patient to a former condition. Additionally, the intention is to educate the patient so that they adopt better habits also, enjoy improved health in the long-term and also avoid injury and ill-health in the future.

Many patients who approach or are referred to a Physiotherapy, are suffering from pain or discomfort. A course of treatment will, in most cases, relieve or eradicate completely that pain and, if continued, prevent a reoccurrence.

however, have many more outcomes and benefits that mainly include:

  • Helping to manage various medical conditions such as heart and lung disease, diabetes and vascular conditions through different targeted exercises that improve breathing and control blood sugar levels, as well as advice on health care
  • Recovery from strokes and injuries through strengthening exercises that improve weaknesses and prevent further occurrences
  • Helps in improving balance by better co-ordination and reduced dizziness so that falls are prevented
    Increasing mobility through stretching and strengthening exercises for body as well as the provision of correct supportive devices
  • Avoiding surgery by focusing the healing process; if surgery cannot be avoided, the patient will be stronger and recover more quickly if physiotherapy treatment is undertaken prior to the operation
  • Managing age-related conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis and spine.

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