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Why Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a highly effective specialized treatment for illness, injury, and problem.
It helps to restore the damaged area’s mobility, function, and movement by using particular physical techniques.

In order to treat patients, physiotherapy employs techniques that have been tested and verified by medical professionals.

Additionally, physiotherapy is quite helpful in avoiding further harm or injury to the previously stressed body component.

It is well-liked since it can benefit people of any age by controlling and maintaining outstanding health and fitness and preventing illness or injury.

The best care and treatment are given by qualified, skilled, and experienced experts in the degree-based field of physiotherapy.

Our staff of highly skilled physiotherapists at Brar’s physio care works tirelessly to give you the best service possible.

Physiotherapists at Brar’s Physio Care have significant training and use it to help patients with difficult respiratory, neurological, cardiovascular, and neuromusculoskeletal conditions.

If you have an injury or are facing a problem, consult our expert Best Physiotherapist in Chandigarh


Following is a list of several conditions where physiotherapy has contributed to the best outcomes:

  • Reducing or Eliminating Pain

Patients with tendonitis, arthritis and muscle strain/sprain benefit from therapeutic exercises and procedures like soft tissue mobilization, as well as from the use of modalities like TENS, IFC, and ultrasound.

By reducing the pain, these treatments help to maintain normalcy.

For further information on this, you may speak with one of our skilled Best Physiotherapist in Chandigarh.

  • Helps to Prevent Surgery

Let’s face it.

Everyone is having a difficult time coping with the pandemic, and nobody wants to go to the doctor or have surgery.

Surgery is the last option in some unavoidable circumstances, though.

Through early management and healing, physical therapy can help prevent this.

To lessen the risks associated with the procedure, pre-and post-rehabilitation programs can be helpful.

If you live in or near Chandigarh, we advise you to speak with our physiotherapy specialists in Mohali before making any surgical plans.

If you are healing from surgery or another type of treatment, you can also talk about your case.

  • Increasing Strength & Coordination Overall

While physiotherapy is very helpful in reducing pain during or after surgery, it also helps the body become stronger and more resilient in general.

Do you know that physiotherapy contains specific stretches and exercises that aid in the body’s overall coordination?

Therefore, we advise you to contact our physiotherapists if you get vertigo or dizziness.


are highly qualified and offer customized programs to meet your needs.

  • Lowering Your Dependency on Medicines

Every medication that a patient takes throughout the course of their life has some sort of adverse effect.

In some circumstances, a patient must take medications to manage or treat their illness.

However, there are situations, such as after surgery, in which a patient is reliant on medication for pain management.

We recommend physiotherapy as an alternative treatment to address this issue and lessen drug dependence and adverse effects.

  • Enhanced Cardiovascular Activity & Lung Capacity

Extreme care and a recovery regimen are needed after a stroke procedure.

After a heart attack, physiotherapy helps patients regain their level of coordination, sense of direction, mobility, and balance.

At Brar’s Physio Care, our skilled physiotherapists assist patients in readjusting to their regular healthy lifestyle.

  • Staying Fit At All Ages

It’s not always pleasant to get older.

It comes with it some difficulties that make daily life more difficult.

These include osteoporosis, sciatica, dementia, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), neck and back pain, and knee replacement, among others.

Physiotherapy can be used to manage and control all of these conditions.

If you or a loved one is dealing with these issues related to aging, we advise you to check out Brar’s Physio Care in Chandigarh or any other clinic nearby.

  • Improvement of Mental Health

The most significant of all the beautiful advantages of physical therapy is its impact on mental health.

This statement goes beyond simply “feeling joyful and healthy.” We are aware that mental health entails much more.

We acknowledge and support the idea that having a positive body image is crucial for performing daily tasks as well as boosting confidence in all of your endeavors.

We are here to help you reach your greatest potential, which is why we are.


We can make a program specifically for you that will meet your needs with the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced physiotherapist from Brar’s Physio Care.

Contact us and we’ll be glad to address all of your questions.

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