Knee and Hip Replacement Treatment in Mohali

Explore Knee & Hip Replacement Options in India for Pain-Free Future


Daily living can be a great challenge if you have chronic knee or hip pain due to severe restrictions on mobility as well as activities. Thankfully, technological progress has led to the development of different methods of treatment, which are successful in reducing pain and restoring movement.

In India, which is famous for its world-class healthcare infrastructure, people usually have a variety of alternatives for kinds of knee and hip replacement treatment in Mohali.

This tutorial will cover all the various treatment options in India including the top knee and hip replacement destination in Mohali at BRAR’S PHYSIO CARE.


Understanding Knee and Hip Replacement Treatment

For hip or knee replacement surgery, diseased or deteriorated joints are surgically replaced by synthetic interchangeable parts that are known as prosthetics. This group might include knee or hip substitutes with motion abilities that closely match those of the joints, giving pain relief to individuals who have suffered trauma, rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoarthritis.

Types of Knee and Hip Replacement Procedures


In India, it depends on what type of knee and hip replacement the patient chooses which one should fit properly to the patient’s requirement. Different models are available.

Knee and Hip Replacement Treatment in Mohali
For knee replacement, the two mainly followed methods are total knee replacement (TKR) and partial knee replacement (PKR).

Through a TKR process, the whole knee joint is removed and replaced with robotic components, meanwhile, in a PKR process, the destruction part of the knee joint is just replaced, which spares the healthy bones and tissues.

By the same token total hip replacement (THR) and hip resurfacing are types of hip arthroplasty procedures.

THR is where the protected hip joint is exchanged for prosthetic components and not unlike hip re-forming which acts by reshaping the sole bone and coating it with the metal prosthesis.

Besides the conventional treatments, minimally invasive techniques are also there the amenity of smaller incisions, and damaged tissues are reduced and recovery times are also faster.


Knee and Hip Replacement Treatment in Mohali


Talking about a fast-developing city called Mohali in Punjab, there are some very best healthcare organizations available that specialize in providing high-tech optical knee and hip replacement treatment. Equipped with sophisticated hospitals, seasoned orthopedic surgeons, and patient-friendly care, the word, Mohali, has become very popular among individuals seeking remedies for their knee and hip pain.

One prominent destination for knee and hip replacement treatment in Mohali is BRAR’S PHYSIO CARE. Led by Dr. Brar, a renowned orthopedic surgeon with years of experience in joint replacement surgery, BRAR’S PHYSIO CARE is committed to providing personalized care and superior outcomes for its patients.

A destination for knee and hip replacement treatment in Mohali is BRAAR’S PHYSIO CARE. Assisted by Dr. Brar, a reputed orthopedic surgeon with several years of experience in joint replacement operations, BRAR’S PHYSIO CARE guarantees individualized care and exceptional outcomes for its patients

At BRAR’S PHYSIO CARE, patients get all the necessary treatments for knee and hip conditions, such as full-on assessments, various diagnostic imaging techniques, and customized rehabilitation plans that are specific to them. Their array of options, from conservative management to surgery using the latest techniques and technology, ensures the best outcome and happy patients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q. What are the most frequent reasons for the treatment of knee and hip replacement in Mohali?

In Mohali, the treatment options of knee or hip implantation are mostly recommended to people suffering from arthritis and severe joint aches along with some other disease conditions like osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis with or without injury. As a result, the worst damage to the joint structure can be caused by the movement of a sock or just a step. It can lead to the most severe pain that is difficult to tolerate. However, as resorting to total knee or hip replacements has shown, the expected results include a reduction of pain, enhanced mobility, and improved quality of life.


Q. What is the recovery process like after knee and hip replacement treatment in Mohali?

The period of recovery after will depend on the particular patient and the kind of treatment carried out. For the most part, the patients may expect to stay in the hospital for a few days after the surgery, during which they will receive pain management, physical therapy, and guidance on post-operative care. Following the discharge, patients will proceed with the rehabilitation process either at home or in outpatient clinics. The recovery period may take anything from a few weeks to months during which the patients tend to regain strength, flexibility, and mobility in the affected joint.

Knee and Hip Replacement Treatment in Mohali

Q. What are the potential risks and complications associated with knee and hip replacement treatment in Mohali?

Knee and hip replacement treatment in Mohali, as a rule, is considered safe and proper; therefore, you should know that some complications and risks may appear. These may include infection, blood clots, implant collapse, nerve damage, and adhesion at the joint. Nevertheless, complications can be slightly reduced by accurate preoperative evaluation, instrumental technique, and successful postoperative care. It is reiterated to patients to adhere closely to the surgeon’s guidance and seek medical help at the earliest possible instance if there are some abnormal reactions or worries.


In the end, the kind of treatment for patients suffering from joint pain that we have here at Mohali enables them to upturn the old life where walking and moving were a struggle and leads them to live life pain-free and mobile again.

These destinations with world-class facilities, highly trained orthopedic surgeons, and thorough rehabilitation programs help lead to the provision of first-rate care that produces desirable outcomes for patients who seek relief from knee and hip diseases.

If you are considering taking place in the operation the replacement of the knee and the hip, the medical personnel of Dr. Brar at BRAR’S PHYSIO CARE is enough trustworthy to let you get the personal care and expertise you too deserve.

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