Spine Pain and Knee Pain Doctor in Mohali

Spine Pain and Knee Pain Doctor in Mohali

The hassle-free solution of physiotherapy isn’t just for athletes or even for those recovering from an injury. It is for people of all ages who have experienced any kind of sprain, injury, or muscular disorder; whether it’s a one-year-old or an 18-year-old college student, an adult working in a corporate world, or an elderly person who is suffering from any health ailment. Go for a Spine pain and Knee pain doctor in Mohali.

If you are suffering from any of the conditions mentioned below, you can opt for the best physiotherapist in Mohali, for long-term benefits from Brar’s Physio care:

Nerve roots

The nerve roots that transmit the sensation of pain to the legs area and feet are located in the lower back. Occasionally with age or injury, the discs between the vertebrae can degenerate or bulge out and press on these nerves. When this occurs, the nerve becomes irritated and sends out pain signals. The location of the pain depends on which disc is protruding. The severity of the pain depends on how much of the disc is pressing on the nerve. The nerves that send fibers to the knee are located at the second, third, and fourth lumbar vertebral levels in the lower back area.

Referred pain is pain perceived at a location other than where the cause is mainly situated. It is the result of pain signals being sent along the network of interconnecting sensory nerves also.

This condition can be diagnosed by your physician with a thorough history and physical exam. If the nerve that travels to your thigh and knee is irritated or pinched, you may feel a host of symptoms, including the following:

  • Pain in the front of your thigh
  • Knee pain
  • Tingling in your thigh
  • Weakness in your hip

If you have any of these symptoms, see Spine pain and Knee pain doctor in Mohali. In some cases, the hip may be the culprit, so a careful examination is necessary to find the true cause of your knee pain also.

Pain in your thigh or your knee can certainly be coming from the knee joint properly, but it can also come from a pinched nerve in the back of the body. While you might try to rest or stretch your knee on your own, that might not be effective if your problem is arising from your spine only.

Spine Pain and Knee Pain Doctor in Mohali

Alleviating pain

Visiting your doctor and working closely with a Spine pain and Knee pain doctor in Mohali who is a spinal specialist, can help you quickly and safely determine the cause of your pain, and fully return to your normal active lifestyle also. Brar’s Physio Care Spine Pain and Knee Pain doctor in Mohali provides physiotherapy services that aim at alleviating pain in most medical conditions. Be it chronic disorders acute illness or post-surgery issues.

Brar’s Physio Care provides a protocol-led care plan administered by highly qualified personnel at the convenience of a patient’s home. Brar’s Physio Spine pain and Knee pain doctor in Mohali care physiotherapists is skilled in the assessment and hands-on management of a broad range of conditions that affect the musculoskeletal, circulatory, respiratory, and nervous systems.

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